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Do you have a vintage watch you don't wear anymore? How about a ring that is no longer to your taste? Or even just want to source a little extra money?
I understand how difficult it can be to sell jewellery, especially vintage & used. Where do you even begin, Photos? Price? Description? If it is a family heirloom you may not have the slightest idea!
That is why I am offering a unique opportunity for my customers, to create a partnership with myself & yourself, to help sell your jewellery. With my wealth of knowledge, website & customer base, with your unique jewellery, it is a recipe for success.
I offer different levels of selling packages, from simply listing your jewellery on my site, to creating the description, taking photos and also listing online. 
Each item is individual, that is why I will tailor make a package for you, to find out more, please contact me and I would love to discuss this opportunity further.